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Hawaii County Civil Defense has released a more detailed dengue fever map, based on data provided by Department of Health to them.  Red dots, confirmed dengue case locations; yellow, suspected; blue, tested and ruled out.   Once Department of Health provides updated data to Civil Defense, weekly, CD will provide an updated detailed map.  Civil Defense notes, this is NOT to suggest any area on the island should be excluded as a potential area where dengue could be contracted.  We have two varieties of mosquitoes which can bite a dengue-infected person and pass dengue to another person by biting them, and they are thought to be all over the island.

Daily numbers will still be at the Department of Health web site, health.hawaii.gov -- as of Friday Nov. 20, the confirmed count is 88 contracted from Sept 11 through Nov. 15; 131 people have also been tested and ruled negative.    

DOH will spray for mosquitoes with the government-available only Aqua Reslin at the residences of any confirmed (red) or suspect (yellow) cases, 25 yards around their property and also do visual inspection up to 200 yards around the property and remove standing water, etc.  DOH is also spraying several public areas, including schools.  But it's still up to each of us to protect ourselves against mosquito bites and remove mosquito habitat.   Several private pest control companies can also spray with other effective pesticides.  If we can go 6 weeks without new cases, that batch of mosquitoes should die out.

If you suspect you have dengue fever, please go to your own doctor, or urgent care, or if you have no doctor, go to a community health center.  All the island's community health centers, including West Hawaii Community Health Center, are prepared to have you see a health professional and if they believe you have dengue symptoms, they can get blood drawn for testing.  West Hawaii Community Health Center's director says they will work you in quickly if you suspect dengue, within 24-48 hours.  There has also been and is ongoing an outreach to homeless people and those who might not ever come in.

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