March 2011 – Hawaii Island was hit by a Tsunami this morning. Warnings were issued by Hawaii Civil Defense by TV, radio, siren, email and phone well in advance of the event.
Aided by the Hawaii Fire Department, member volunteers and our local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) the evacuation of the oceanfront portion of our subdivision went smoothly.
We are happy to report that at this time there is no apparent damage to our community. Members of the Fire Department on the scene have reported that at this time there is no apparent damage to the Village of Milolii. However, they reported that there was some damage to structures in Honomalino Bay, including one structure that appears to have been washed out to sea. Reportedly no one has been injured.

Saturday, February 27, 2010
12:38 p.m. HST

Tsunami sirens woke the community at 6:00 a.m. today signaling the approach of the Chilean earthquake triggered tsunami.  The predicted surge struck Hilo Bay at approximately 11:45 a.m. today.  
Milolii evacuees lined the turnouts and vantage points along Milolii Road taking with them their valued possessions trying to get a safe view of the natural phenomenon as it was predicted to wrap completely around the islands.  Law enforcement, fire and neighborhood volunteers combed the evacuation area making sure all citizens were aware of the pending ocean surge and assisted in their efforts.   In the true spirit of Hawaii, locals brought with them chairs, tables, canopies, stoves and food as they turned lemons into lemonade taking advantage of the opportunity to get together (see photos).  
The shoreline was carefully watched and fortunately the surge did no damage.  It never crested the shore at the lower part of our subdivision near the ocean nor was there any damage at the village.  This was probably the perfect event as it demonstrated the predictions were very close and the surge was clearly evident.  At the same time emergency preparedness was tested and the result was very positive.

The state of Hawaii did a wonderful job of emergency preparedness and the notifications were timely and appropriate.  The dramatic pictures at Hilo Bay and continuing along the island chain were an awesome demonstration of the fine balance we have with Mother Nature.  If you have any questions regarding this event or any other topic you can always contact us at (808) 328-0481.